Skincare for your teen
Being a teenager isn’t easy, we’ve all been there. It is a time full of changes, hormones, stress, drama and sometimes angry skin. In fact, up to 80% of teens suffer from some form of acne, and up to three in 10 teenagers suffer from severe acne. A variety of factors can contribute to problematic teen skin including surging testosterone levels (this is why boys often get worse acne than girls), bacteria, genes, stress and using the wrong hair or cosmetic products; so learning how to care for it while you’re young is a must.

It’s difficult to know when the best time to start is, but a good indication its time is when problems begin to pop up. A simple skincare routine as well as healthy habits can help keep your teen’s skin glowing and make a massive difference to their self-esteem and confidence. It might feel daunting to think about where to begin as all skin is different, so we have put together a list of recommendations, tips and tricks to help your teen glow through this tumultuous time.

Start simple and throw away the soap bar! All of the hormonal changes during puberty and the increase in androgens produced can lead to an overproduction of oil, which can contribute to teen acne. A gentle cleanser is a must. Quite often, body soaps and supermarket cleansers formulated for teens can be packed full of harsh ingredients that strip the skin, which can actually lead to more oil production and subsequently acne.

For a teen who has oily skin, a gel cleanser such as DMK’s Deep Pore is a great option that can be used twice daily. Its gentle, non-stripping formulation carefully balances the skin, removes impurities and keeps pores clean. It is also fantastic for removing makeup. For dry, or reactive skin, Milk Cleanser is fantastic as it removes impurities while at the same time soothing the skin. After cleansing, make sure your teen always finishes with a light, oil-free moisturiser. The DMK EFA supplements are incredible for teen skin and work to regulate oil flow to help prevent breakouts.

To get started, ask your DMK Skin Technician about our Ultra Clear Essentials Pack. The pack includes a choice of Deep Pore or Milk Cleanser, Herb & Mineral Mist, Acu Crème and Soleil Protect SPF15.

Whether your teen is heading to school, playing sport or at the beach – it’s never too early for sunscreen. Regular use of an SPF is so crucial to keeping skin healthy throughout your life. Everyday use of sunscreen from a young age will protect your teen not only from skin cancer but signs of premature ageing and dark spots. Have your teen cleanse, moisturise and use sunscreen as a part of their morning routine. They will thank you later.

Your hands are full of bacteria, viruses and allergens that can be transferred to the skin of your face. Excessive touching or leaning on the face can worsen acne, lead to contact dermatitis and aggravate viral infections such as herpes simplex (the virus that causes cold sores).

Teach your teen while they are young to avoid touching their face and to never pick the acne! Picking is always a bad idea and can sometimes lead to permanent scars, infection and further aggravation – especially for cystic or nodular acne. Squeezing a pimple pushes bacteria deeper into the skin which causes more swelling and redness. Try popping a dab of Acu-Klear on stubborn blemishes or leaving a layer of Acu Masque on breakouts overnight.

Makeup and skincare go hand-in-hand, and the teenage years are usually the time we start experimenting with makeup. It is essential to teach teens what to look for when buying makeup and how to prep the skin.

For teen skin, it is best to choose an oil-free, non-comedogenic makeup, a good concealer for any breakouts and a primer to create a smooth canvas for makeup application. Make sure they get into the habit of cleansing the skin before application and always taking makeup off before bed. There’s nothing worse than waking up with fresh pimples caked in yesterday’s makeup.

Shaving can sometimes lead to skin irritation, so it is beneficial to explain to young boys the difference between razors to help them choose which one is best for their skin. Electric razors are gentler as they do not shave so close to the skin; however, they are not the best if your son has to shave often or has dark hair. Manual razors are great for accuracy and precision but always try and choose a razor with a skin guard to help prevent irritation.

It’s a good idea to shave after a shower as the skin is softer from the warm water and to use a foam shaving cream. DMK’s Deep Pore cleanser can double as shaving cream and is excellent for acne-prone skin or those who are sensitive to traditional shaving creams.

Keeping your skin healthy goes further than just having great skincare. Getting into the habit of doing little things such as changing pillowcases, sheets and towels frequently can all help with keeping the skin healthy. Eating a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables and learning strategies to cope with stress are also important for optimal skin functioning.

To find out which products are best for your teen, consult with a DMK Skin Technician for advice. Together, you can create the perfect starter routine for your teen that will keep their skin clear and confidence high.