Eyebrows        $23
Lip                   $18
Chin              $20
Nose               $18
Sides of face   $22
Jawline           $22
Full face with eyebrows  $48
Full leg            $54
Three quarter leg            $45
Half leg           $34
Under arms     $22
Full arm           $38
Half arm          $27



At Amour you will find high quality bikini waxing. Our staff are highly trained and we use only hard wax, which is gentle and only grips to the hair, not your skin. Our staff will make sure you feel totally comfortable, we provide you with disposable g-strings and we do not double dip our spatulas or reuse wax. So whether it’s your 1st or your 100th you can be confident that you will be taken care of in our private friendly salon.

Standard bikini   – 15 Minutes  $28
G-string bikini     – 15 Minutes  $38 
Brazilian within 5 weeks  – 30 Minutes $55
Brazilian First or more than 5 weeks     – 30 Minutes $65


Back          $55
Neck        $19
Chest        $49
Stomach    $27
Back, chest and stomach $115
Chest and Stomach $70
Mid brows    $16
Brow tidy    $23
Full Leg       $60
Half Leg       $38