Pregnancy Skincare: What you need to know
When you are pregnant your whole world changes. It is not just your body that undergoes transformation, but your skin also responds to your body’s changing hormones while you grow and nurture your little bundle of joy. Some mums-to-be may well get that legendary radiant glow, but others might have to deal with adult acne, dry skin, stretch marks, heightened reactivity, or even what is sometimes called a ‘pregnancy mask’ of pigmentation. And while those conditions are all completely normal, it can be tricky to find skincare that can support you before, during and after pregnancy. Those pesky hormones lay at the base of most problems, with the main culprit being estrogen. Here is a brief overview of what might happen to your skin while you are expecting and breastfeeding, and importantly, what to do to treat it.

Melasma, also known as the ‘mask of pregnancy’, is a common skin condition encountered by many expectant women. It impacts the production of melanin in the skin, leaving patches of darker pigment discolouration that usually occur on the forehead, upper cheeks, and top lip. Believed to be triggered by an increase in estrogen (which stimulates the production of melanin), melasma can also be hereditary. While most hormone-induced pigmentation will begin to fade during the months post-birth, the melasma can remain present or reappear during consecutive pregnancies and via sun exposure.

DMK RECOMMENDS: To combat melasma, we suggest taking preventative measures to inhibit the production of melanin. A daily broad-spectrum sunscreen like Soleil Defence SPF50+ is an important starting point. Melanotech Drops are a potent formulation designed to not only brighten the surface of the skin, but to assist in inhibiting the production of melanin. Melanotech Drops work for passive as well as severe hyperpigmentation and can help prevent pigmentation caused by inflammatory conditions like acne and rosacea. Melanotech Drops contain natural ingredients like licorice root extract, kojic acid and mulberry. These elements work together to minimise tyrosinase activity, an enzyme that is the main cause of hyperpigmentation. Melanotech Crème is the perfect partner to use with Melanotech Drops. A nourishing hydrator, it is designed to revise and prevent pigmentation for darker skin tones or skins that are genetically prone to hyper-pigmenting. Like Melanotech Drops, Melanotech Crème contains kojic acid, licorice root extract, and mulberry, plus an algae derivative that revises pigmentation at all stages of the melanogenesis process. It is ideal for day and night-time use, but to get the maximum benefits, it is recommended it be used in conjunction with Herb & Mineral Mist. This is an instant-delivery skin multivitamin, mineral, and amino acid supplement spray that encourages the active ingredients in DMK oils and crèmes to penetrate deep into the skin.
It’s likely that at some point during your pregnancy you will experience some sort of skin sensitivity, even to products you may have been using for years. The reason your skin may be reactive to specific ingredients is the increase in blood flow which can almost double during pregnancy. This affects the tiny blood vessels in the face, with many women experiencing hot flushes and increased redness in their skin. The heat, plus heightened sensitivity, can also exasperate rosacea if you are already a sufferer.

DMK RECOMMENDS: Beta Gel which is a beta-glucan based serum designed to calm redness while boosting the immunity of the skin. Healthy, strong skin will react better to changes within the body and hormone fluctuations.
With racing hormones and increased oil secretion, many women can experience breakouts of hormonal acne during pregnancy, especially around the chin, jawline, and cheeks.

DMK RECOMMENDS: If you previously suffered from breakouts and acne before becoming pregnant, stick with your regime, except for vitamin A products which are not recommended during pregnancy and nursing. If you aren’t normally prone to breakouts, speak to your DMK Skin Technician to discuss the options available for home care and treatments utilising botanical-based products which will help to balance the oil production in your skin. Our Deep Pore cleanser, Beta Gel and Acu-Moist are great pregnancy-safe options.
While some mums-to-be suffer from oily skin and acne, it is also common for pregnant women to suffer from dry skin. Hormonal changes cause the skin to lose elasticity and moisture as it stretches and tightens to accommodate a growing belly. This results in flaky skin and itchiness. Dehydrated skin can also increase the chances of developing stretch marks. Topical oils and moisturisers soothe and calm the sensation temporarily.

DMK RECOMMENDS: EFA Ultra can enhance your skin’s hydration levels, helping to plump the skin. It will also give your hair and nails a nourishing boost. We recommend checking with your doctor before beginning a new supplement in pregnancy. To increase your skin’s immunity, allowing it to defend itself from the elements and hormone fluctuations, we recommend Beta Gel, accompanied by the moisture-boosting combination of Herb & Mineral Mist, Seba-E oil and Hydroloc to lock maximum amounts of moisture in the skin, keeping it nice and elastic so it can stretch further without tearing. For women who have melasma concerns as well as suffering from skin dryness, DMK’s Herbal Pigment Oil is a perfect solution. A hydrating oil, it imitates the skin’s sebaceous flow and helps to brighten, smooth, and strengthen the skin while also protecting against dehydration. When combined with Herb & Mineral Mist, it imitates the skin’s natural sebaceous barrier to help fragile and reactive skin.

To prevent stretch marks on your stomach and legs the DMK Maximum Moisture product is second to none. Maximum Moisture body crème penetrates deep into the skin cells delivering moisture and nutrients to nourish and revitalise the skin from the inside out. The crème absorbs easily and with ingredients such as jojoba oil, enables it to work at a cellular level to help hydration. Maximum Moisture is recommended for skin suffering from dryness and can help calm any red, itchy reactive areas anywhere on the body.

All DMK skincare programs are made from botanical-based paramedical products and should only be prescribed by a DMK Skin Revision Technician.