What’s the difference between skin care products sold in the supermarket and chemists (cosmetics) and those sold in a dermatology practice and medical environment (cosmeceuticals)?

Cosmetic Product: They have a small amount of active ingredients, however not enough to be effective or penetrate the skin. They feel good and smell good but have no real benefits and may cause irritation. They are expensive because you are paying for the well know brand name. They may hydrate and protect your skin for a couple of hours but that’s about it, they are unable to penetrate deep into the skin where the hydration is needed. Just to be clear, this is usually any moisturizer, serum or eye cream bought in a supermarket or chemist or department store like Myer.

Cosmeceutical Product: A product with a pharmaceutical strength active ingredient inside. The ability of the product to penetrate the skin is higher than in cosmetic products, so the important ingredients get deep down into the skin where they can be most effective and beneficial for skin health and improvement. Cosmeceutical products are all toxic-free and contain safe active ingredients and plant derived vitamins. They are bought in a beauty salon and contain a high percentage of active ingredients, which reduce the effects of ageing, improve the condition of the skin and treat most skin concerns. The good news is that all our products at Amour are cosmeceutical grade products so you’ll see a real change in your skin.

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