Wrinkles, some of the most dreaded signs ageing. You may notice them first around your eyes and mouth, and they gradually worsen and become more pronounced over time. The reason for that is that as you age, your skin is no longer able to produce sufficient amounts of collagen and maintain elasticity. External factors such as too much sun exposure and your lifestyle can also impact your skin’s health.

The good news is there are ways to get rid of wrinkles or at least reduce their appearance, so you won’t have to feel too bothered about them. Here are some ideas to help get rid of wrinkles:

Keeping yourself hydrated isn’t only good for your body—it helps nourish the skin. Make it a habit to drink around eight glasses of water a day for smoother and supple skin that is less prone to breakouts, dryness, and wrinkles.

Stop smoking
Smoking can severely damage your skin because it hastens the breakdown of elastin and collagen. Moreover, it can thin and dry out the skin, resulting in wrinkles. Quitting the habit can dramatically improve your skin’s appearance; in fact, you will probably observe your skin tone improving in just three months. While you’re at it, be sure to avoid second-hand smoke exposure, too.

Eat superfoods for glowing skin
Your body can naturally detoxify itself, but it requires a sufficient balance of minerals and vitamins. Otherwise, environmental toxins could overwhelm it and damage your skin, particularly elastin and collagen production.

Consider changing your diet and make sure it is rich in lean protein, vegetables, antioxidants, and fruits. This will do your body some good. You can also consider taking a multivitamin with your doctor’s approval in case you cannot get all the essential nutrients your skin needs from your diet alone.


Moisturising is an important step in proper skincare. Even if you have oily skin, your skin still needs to maintain proper moisture levels to keep it hydrated. Otherwise, you could leave it parched and dry, with your fine lines looking more pronounced.

For wrinkles, DMK has a great selection of moisturisers formulated to work with your skin’s specific internal functions by matching your body’s chemistry. That way, you can successfully get rid of wrinkles while preventing them from coming back and worsening.

Wear sunscreen
Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause the skin’s elastin and collagen to break down quickly. This can result in wrinkles as the skin loses support and sags. Make it a habit to wear sunscreen with 30 to 45 SPF even on cloudy days when you go out or when you need to stay near windows.

Use a professional-grade wrinkle reduction product
It’s not enough that you use just about any moisturiser. You need to consider your skin type, the problem area, and what the moisturiser can do for your skin.

Consider using a product from DMK that is formulated especially for ageing skin. It will help get rid of wrinkles and keep your skin healthy.

DMK Limited Eye Web can reverse the signs of ageing around your eyes, and DMK Limited FirMatrix can rebuild skin to become more youthful inside-out. DMK Aminodine is a refreshingly hydrating spray that can revise fragile capillary vessels and deep cross-linked wrinkles in sun-damaged and mature skin.

Do some daily facial exercises
Your face has muscles, too, which you can firm up with the right facial exercises. Start by patting your fingers around your face as if you are playing the piano. This will help your blood flow. You can look up different facial exercises online that are easy to do.

Sounds basic, but often taken for granted. Lack of sleep and overworking can harm your body, affecting your immunity, metabolism, and skin. Try your best to take a break, chill, and get enough sleep, preferably from seven to eight hours.