The Pearly Smile At-Home LED Teeth Whitening system is the safest, most effective and strongest peroxide or non-peroxide cosmetic teeth whitening kit for home use, available in Australia!

The LED phone kit attaches to any smartphone and it’s so easy to use, you just apply the product, insert the flexible mouthguard, push the button and the LED automatically goes on for 16 minutes.

Using once daily it takes 5 days to get a lighter shade or twice daily takes 3 days, effectively whitening your teeth without any damage to the tooth enamel. It comes in both peroxide or peroxide free for those with sensitive teeth

Our Pearly Smile At Home kit is safer than any other teeth whitening kits as the mouthguard doesn’t contain BPA and is non-chemical and non-toxic, so chemicals will not be emitted into your gums, mouth and body.

Proudly bringing you Australia’s latest technology with an unequaled teeth whitening system you can use in the comfort of your own home, office, car, or anywhere you can spare 16 minutes!

You can now enjoy cosmetic teeth whitening with Australia’s first medical-grade teeth whitening device powered by your mobile phone.

Simply connect to your Mobile Phone, Whiten & Smile!